About Focale Training

Madeley based Focale Training (Focussing On Commercial And Logistic Education) began in 2007 with owner John Horton’s vision of providing a training company that makes a difference.

Since then Focale has grown into a nationwide training company that has trained thousands of delegates from small to medium sized businesses, through to international organisations.

We are sure that you will like our fresh approach to training:

  • We don’t do ‘tick box’ training –  Training has to have an impact on those being trained otherwise it becomes a waste of time – our training is designed and delivered effectively
  • We don’t sell on price alone – Our customers demand quality, effective training and honest pricing
  • Great service is important to us – We treat our customers the way we like to be treated with an honest, friendly and personal service
  • Your business, your training – No-one knows your business better than you and our training has to be your training for it to work – you’re input is valued and acted upon
  • We talk your language – Everyone is different and our trainers understand that by communicating clearly and effectively to all – we have to ensure that the training makes a difference to everyone, not just a few
  • We like to have fun – Training can be a serious business, with serious consequences but it can still be enjoyable

Our mission is simple: ‘To provide effective, affordable and fun training that makes a difference’.