Emergency Response – Fire and First Aid


The following courses are to develop your team in emergency response procedures including fire and first aid

Fire Warden Training

Have you appointed a Fire Warden? Let Focale train them to perform their duties effectively

Employee Fire and Emergency Training

Ensure your employees can complete the correct actions in case of fire and emergencies

Understanding the Fire Triangle

Ensure managers and employees have a knowledge and understanding of the triangle of fire and risks to your business

Management Control and Permits

Implementing and developing effective management controls and permits on your site



Fire and Emergency Audits and Reviews

We can carry out audits and reviews to ensure your procedures and equipment are adequate and provide a risk status report



Fire Procedures and Emergency Site Plans

Are your procedures adequate? Let us prepare and formulate your emergency arrangements

Appointed Person

Focale can answer any new build queries and give advice on fire precautions

Planning for Disasters and Emergencies

Developing your own Business Continuity and Disaster Policies

Hot Work Permits

Focale can provide consultancy to ensure that you understand your insurance requirements and can implementing a hot work permit