VOSA Issuing Driver CPC Fixed Penalties

Last year, VOSA issued 45 graduated fixed penalties and undertook three successful prosecutions of drivers who were found to have no evidence of Driver CPC qualification or exemption. The current graduated fixed penalty for a DCPC offence is £30. VOSA issued 41 of those roadside penalties to truck drivers, with the remaining four to bus […]

Do Transport Operators Need More Training?

As drivers now have to undertake ‘continuing professional development’  in the form of Driver CPC should Transport Operators be required to undertake some form of continuous training? Nick Denton, Traffic commissioner for the South East, believes that the number of public inquiries would fall significantly if all hauliers enrolled on regular transport manager training courses. […]

Driver CPC Training

Restricted ‘O’ Licence Holders

Since becoming involved with Focale Training an area of goods vehicle operation has caused me alarm and that is those operated by the own account Restricted Operators Licence holder.   It is not the large fleets operated by some national and international businesses that concern me, but the businesses that may operate one, two or just […]

Efficient Training Solution For New whg Fleet

Training awareness sessions have helped more than 230 whg colleagues to get back to work safely following the delivery of over 200 commercial vehicles. Focale Training, in partnership with whg, was tasked with the design and delivery of unique and time efficient awareness sessions for the whg repairs teams as part of whg’s commitment to […]